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Summer started surfing competitively at 10 years old.

At age 12, she became the Hawaii State Champion for her age group.

Fast forward 4 years, Summer won the International Surfing Association under 16 girls World Junior gold medal. It was at this point that she really knew she wanted to pursue a career as a professional surfer.

Since then, Summer has had a fun and successful junior career and has moved into the big leagues. Now, she competes in World Surf League’s Qualifying Series.

Her main goal is to be ranked top 6 in the world at the end of the competitive season to qualify for the Championship Tour.

Besides competitive surfing, Summer has a passion for many things including education, music, and physical training.

She is currently pursuing an online Bachelor’s degree with Arizona State University.

When she’s on Maui, Summer loves to play live music with a band in local restaurants. In her free time, she plays the ukulele and guitar, writes music, and spends time in the studio.

A dream of hers is to eventually release her own album or EP.

“I play guitar and ukelele. When I’m on Maui, I play live music with a band in local restaurants. I write my own music and love to sing.”

Summer loves to work hard in and out of the water.

In Maui, Summer works with Brazil’s Pedro Robalinho on surf training. They love to train at her local spots including Lahaina Harbor, Ho’okipa, and Honolua Bay.

Out of the water, Summer spends plenty of time in the gym at Deep to Peak Performance Center with her physical trainer, Samantha Campbell. Together, they focus on specializing Summer’s workouts for her surfing and competition.

The third part of Summer’s training is her headspace – she works with Hannah Huesman, sports psychologist weekly to mentally be as prepared for what is ahead of her.

Summer Macedo is proud to partner with Athelo Group, an athlete-marketing agency built around one simple observation:

When brands and athletes team up for an effective partnership, everyone wins.

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